Turkish Steam Bath

We boast the largest Turkish bath in the entire Sunshine Coast. Our Turkish bath therapy helps enhance muscle recovery, ease muscle tension, reduce stress, allows you to achieve deep relaxation, and improves sleep quality and duration.

You’ll notice improvement on the quality of your skin as our treatment brightens and softens it. It also increases blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, and reduce cellulite.


Bring you and your team in for a group recovery session! 

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1 hour 


30 minutes


Group bookings available

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Why Should You Take a Turkish Steam Bath?


A Turkish steam bath is a great way to stay healthy. It consists of hot steam and detoxifying therapies. The most beneficial impact of a Turkish bath is that it offers both mental and physical relief from stress. We provide a foamy massage to loosen up your muscles and joints to enable your body to recover from fatigue arising from jetlag, long periods of crouching, and restless sleep. A steam bath is also the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety arising out of stressful situations. Hot steam has a soothing and relieving effect on both the mind and the body. The Turkish hammam has many excellent healing properties, and once you try it, you are likely to repeat it every once in a while.


Turkish Steam Bath

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