Turkish Steam Bath

We boast the largest Turkish bath in the entire Sunshine Coast. Our Turkish bath therapy helps enhance muscle recovery, ease muscle tension, reduce stress, allow you to achieve deep relaxation, and improve sleep quality and duration.

You’ll notice an improvement in the quality of your skin as our treatment brightens and softens it. It also increases blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, and reduces cellulite.


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The Turkish bath is a steam bath with beneficial effects on the body, mind, and soul. It is a kind of hydrotherapy wherein the temperature is set around 44°, with a humidity rate that can even reach 100%. Turkish steam bath in the sauna suite is an effective method to feel refreshed and enjoy a pain-free life as it helps in detoxification and rejuvenation. It is a great way to boost your looks and general skin health. 


Because of the warm temperatures, the body's pores will open and expel toxins during a Turkish steam bath. You'll experience increased circulation and exfoliation. Hot air and water aids in muscle relaxation, and so this will give you some of the same benefits as a massage. Dead skin removal through exfoliation therapy will leave your skin soft and healthy. The skin can absorb moisture better in such a condition, resulting in a noticeable "glow".


You can enjoy a steam bath/steam room at any age. It's a wonderful way to keep your stress under control. It is a most acclaimed therapeutic and preventative therapy for respiratory tract diseases as well. 

How to Experience a Turkish Steam Bath?

Turkish bath is usually enjoyed in a seating position. You will comfortably sit on a rock or marble bar in Stay Elite's exclusively built Turkish bath cabin. Seated here, you will relax by inhaling the warm steam, which not only benefits your breathing but also facilitates sweating to expel toxins from the body. 


While undergoing the therapy, you must follow specific guidelines and processes. You'll spend the first 5 minutes in a hot room that is full of steam, and it is followed by a relaxing and revitalising massage with essential oils. You'll then spend a few minutes of rest in a warm room to help you re-acclimatise before dipping into cold water for half a minute to tone your body. You'll repeat the heat therapy once more, or you can go directly to the relaxation phase.

Top Turkish Steam Bath provided by Stay Elite
Turkish Bath Therapy by Stay Elite

Why Should You Take a Turkish Steam Bath?

A Turkish steam bath is a great way to stay healthy. It consists of hot steam and detoxifying therapies. The most beneficial impact of a Turkish bath is that it offers both mental and physical relief from stress. We provide a foamy massage to loosen up your muscles and joints to enable your body to recover from fatigue arising from jetlag, long periods of crouching, and restless sleep. A steam bath is also the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety arising out of stressful situations. Hot steam has a soothing and relieving effect on both the mind and the body. The Turkish hammam has many excellent healing properties, and once you try it, you are likely to repeat it every once in a while.

Best Steam Bath At Bokarina | Stay Elite

What to Expect at Our Turkish Steam Bath?

Inside the hammam, the average temperature is constant at 40°– 45°C, and the humidity rate is 100%. The higher temperature helps warm up your body, generating sweat as a self-defense mechanism to combat the heat. Sweating facilitates the elimination of toxins and uric acid, promoting renal activity and hydration of the upper respiratory tract.

After showering, you must spend a minimum of 20–25 minutes in our dry sauna or steam room to loosen up your body, open up pores, and relax your muscles. After placing your face on our heated marble outlet, the therapist will brush and wash your body, including your face. A thorough wash with an exfoliating mitt follows it. The body is then washed and moistened with water. The session would end with a full-body, light-foam massage.


You'll be lathered up with soap and scrubbed down with a natural exfoliant paste. Our therapists use a gentle but effective exfoliant to rub through vigorously. Rinses and washes with cold water follow this process. You'll get a cotton towel to wrap yourself as well as a regular towel to use after the bath.

Turkish Steam Bath Near Me at Sunshine Coast | Stay Elite

Few Points to Consider Before Consultation

Although our Turkish steam baths offer many health benefits, you must follow certain safeguards and rules while entering a steam room.


  • Wait at least an hour after having a big meal before stepping into the steam room.

  • Dressing light is advised as it prevents your clothes from sticking to your body and prevent overheating. Please wear swimmers. 

  • Drink plenty of water while taking a steam bath to stay hydrated

  • Never exceed your time in the steam room. A session of around 15 to 20 minutes is ideal, yet 60mins in one hit is a rite of passage but constantly monitor your vitals.

  • After leaving the steam room, chill down with cool water and fresh air to avoid shivering.

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Turkish Steam Bath

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