We specialise in unlocking human potential. The leaders in holistic longevity. Everybody has the capacity to grow and live longer, and we are here to help you on your journey. Whether it is psychological, physical, or spiritual, or a combination of them all. We can help – mind, body, and soul. 


Stay Elite has a unique range of offerings to help you grow and reveal your best self:


The famous Payne Relief ™ Massage Specialists of Integrated Body Work - with over 20 years of experience working with injuries and solution driven techniques. 


Payne Relief ™ Specialised Massage. 

Specialists of Integrated Body Work

Structural Realignment

Powerful Hypnotherapy ™

Coaching, Strategising , Consulting 

Mental Performance 

Magnesium Float Bath ™

Private Steam Infusions ™

Turkish Steam Room 

Australian Massage ™

Traditional Finnish Sauna

Ultimate Fighter Balm ™


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