Traditional Finnish Dry Sauna


Our sauna sessions do wonders to help relieve tension and stress which translates into a wonderful night’s sleep. 

- Improves Blood circulation 

- Aids In Relaxation

- Improves Sleep quality and duration

- Helps Rheumatoid

- Reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue

- Treats pain syndromes

- Reduces Stress

- Improves exercise performance

- Protects against cardiovascular disease

- Enhances Muscle Recovery

- Opens pores which results in healthier, clearer, younger-looking skin.

1 hour 


30 minutes


The Finnish sauna at Stay Elite is a type of sauna that uses dry heat energy. Unlike the steam rooms, in a Finnish dry sauna, there is no role for steam. It is the only sauna system that offers a combination of steam, heat, and ventilation as one whole package. This combination results in profuse sweating, intense cleansing of the body, and detoxification through the pores.


Turkish Steam Bath

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Traditional Finnish

Private Steam Infusion 

Payne Relief Massage

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