Traditional Finnish Dry Sauna


Our sauna sessions do wonders to help relieve tension and stress which translates into a wonderful night’s sleep. 

- Improves Blood circulation 

- Aids In Relaxation

- Improves Sleep quality and duration

- Helps Rheumatoid

- Reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue

- Treats pain syndromes

- Reduces Stress

- Improves exercise performance

- Protects against cardiovascular disease

- Enhances Muscle Recovery

- Opens pores which results in healthier, clearer, younger-looking skin.

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These days, home saunas are becoming increasingly popular among spa lovers. Several people are looking to integrate sauna routines into their everyday lives to relax and refresh whenever they need. However, a sauna can be highly expensive and can cost you much more than higher electricity bills. 

 That is one of the reasons to opt for a sauna service run by a reputed and expert wellbeing center such as Stay Elite. We have a team of licensed therapists well versed with the various massage routines and have the experience to match their in-depth knowledge. There are several options to choose from, including a traditional Finnish dry sauna. We pride ourselves on being the authentic steam and sauna experts in the region. Stay Elite offers you the best Traditional Finnish sauna to help you stay fit and boost wellness through better immunity.

Premium Finnish Dry Sauna provided by Stay Elite at Bokarina, Sunshine Coast

Finnish Dry Sauna from Stay Elite

The Finnish sauna at Stay Elite is a type of sauna that uses dry heat energy. Unlike the steam rooms, in a Finnish dry sauna, there is no role for steam. It is the only sauna system that offers a combination of steam, heat, and ventilation as one whole package. This combination results in profuse sweating, intense cleansing of the body, and detoxification through the pores. 

A visit to our authentic traditional Finnish dry sauna will give help you attain total relaxation. All the elements of the Finnish sauna are designed bearing in mind the benefits and relief they will bring to the users. The whole interior is made of wood, with the heater used to heat the sauna placed in the core. The floor is made of hard-cured timber. These wooden rooms use heated stones and water to form steam, making the interiors hot and relaxing enough for the clients. 

The dry heat that comes from scorching rocks will help you soothe, relax, and achieve better overall health and mental wellbeing. You can follow the sauna with a quick, cold shower to facilitate circulation, stimulate your body, and lower your body temperature. Finnish sauna followed by a cold shower has a range of health benefits, such as better skincare and muscle relaxation. Though traditional saunas are huge and meant for several people, we offer customised versions for two to four people at Stay Elite.

The Advantages of Using a Finnish Dry Sauna

Beyond the social and cultural elements of the Finnish sauna, it is a method with significant physical and mental health benefits. Medical practitioners believe that it will bring about changes within your circulatory system, which influence other facets of your body over time. Hence sauna is likely to help in body cleansing, quicker healing, priming the muscles, muscle relaxation, temporary pain relief, and reducing insomnia. The other benefits of using a Finnish dry sauna are listed below:



One of the main advantages of a Finnish sauna is removing body toxins through sweat. The high temperature inside the sauna triggers profuse sweating, which results in the body expelling several toxins.



High temperatures and sweating remove dead skin cells. They also help in cell renewal and better skin health.


Improved immunity

By stimulating and regulating the body's detoxification cycle, the Finnish dry sauna helps improve many of the body's systems, such as the immune system.


Improved breathing

The high temperatures inside a sauna can help to reduce chest congestion and breathing difficulties. The dry air clears the airways making way for better breathing and reducing congestion in your respiratory system


Muscle relaxation

The high temperatures inside the sauna, followed by a cold-water shower, will help relax muscles. It helps to relax after a workout or training session


Prevent fluid retention

Sweating also help you to remove any residual liquid from your body, thereby preventing excessive fluid retention. It ensures better body functions and efficiency as well as support to weight loss measures


Reduces stress

Last but not least, sauna help to reduce stress significantly. The combined effects of detoxification and muscle relaxation, along with the dry sauna ritual itself, are great stress busters. It is the best way to relax and ensure better mental wellbeing.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Finnish Dry Sauna

● Drink ample water or herbal tea after your Finnish sauna session

● The ideal duration of the sauna session should be around 15-20 minutes per round 

● We suggest limiting the sauna session to two full Finnish sauna sessions per week. A couple of 15min quick sessions also are recommended.

● People with a heart condition should undergo sauna treatment only after consulting their doctor.

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