Whether you are an athlete looking for relief from a chronic injury, a party goer suffering from exhaustion, or someone with a bad back, Stay Elite is here for you. With our professional sports massage, we can help you improve your flexibility, help you recover in time for competing, and even prevent injuries from occurring. But what exactly is a sports massage? Because a rolled ankle in the kitchen is the same as a rolled ankle on the sports field, right.... well, you be the judge.


It is a type of massage specially designed for highly active people who predominantly participate in athletics. Playing games can be tough on our bodies and may lead to both short-term and long-term injuries. Sports Massage strengthens your body and extends a sports career by reducing the damages to the body, curing pains and swelling in the body. It also helps to relax the mind, boost flexibility, and improve recovery times. This massage is also highly beneficial in facilitating the quick recovery of an athlete from pain by stimulating excellent kinaesthetic perception, which, in turn, increases the body's natural immunity.

In short, the benefits of sports massage certainly go beyond calming your muscles. Getting a sports massage at Stay Elite is a great way to get the most out of your athletic talent.

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Sports massage is a periodic manipulation of the soft tissues of your body that concentrates on muscles appropriate for a particular sport. Several varied movements and methods are used in sports massage to get the maximum benefit from it.

Generally, sports massage is deemed a preventive treatment that focuses on muscle proportion, tone, and equilibrium, as well as a range of motion. Sports massage thus manipulates soft tissue to reduce pain and tension, improving muscle health and range of movement. These improvements provide certain benefits to improve athletic performance, such as:

  • Pre-game warm-ups

  • Post-game cooldowns

  • Rehabilitation and sports injury prevention

  • Enhancing flexibility

  • Faster healing between games


Some of the techniques used in sports massage are Effleurage, compression, Swedish style massage, petrissage friction, percussion, gliding, vibration, stretching, and trigger points. These actions and methods help the athlete's body reach the best performance through better physical preparation with a low chance of injury/pain and a quicker recovery.

At Stay Elite, our professional massage therapist will examine your posture, the specific physical needs of your field of sport, and the past sports injuries you suffered. Our sports massage therapist can focus on the overworked regions of your body that have been pressed into contentious and redundant activities.

In short, sports massage can result in satisfactory feats and increased mind-body connection for athletes of all realms and skill levels. The results could involve relief from minor injuries, faster recovery times, and enhanced overall performance. Our authentic sports massage strategy will target your body's specific requirements and inspire you to do what you love even better.

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A sports massage is different from a conventional spa massage. It often includes a fast-paced massage, elongation, and other strategies and may change based on the kind of sport you play. Studies have revealed several benefits of sports massage. Some are beneficial in a psychological way, and others are helpful for the body. The top benefits of sports massage include: 

  • Boosted joint range of motion

  • High flexibility

  • Heightened sense of well-being

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Diminished neurological excitability 

  • Curtailed muscle spasms

  • Better Quality sleep

  • Improved blood flow

  • High elimination of exercise waste products

  • Lower chance of injury

  • Fast recovery time between workouts

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At Stay Elite, we use a collective mix of deep tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, and more to help you achieve the results you seek. Our mission is to help you rehabilitate and stay healthy by understanding your body. That way, you will know which stress points you need relief from. You can trust our trained massage experts to take the time to understand your requirements and personalise your massage at our Stay Elite wellness centre. We care about every customer's personal needs, and we custom-build a massage programme that best suits you. 


If you suffer from sports-related pain or injury or are trying to take your sport to an advanced level, talk with our massage therapist about including the sports massage techniques we use. Our qualified team of sports massage consultants can find the right way to alleviate pain, improve your body strength, and get you back into shape or improve your performance. The professionals at Stay Elite are well versed in special training in flexibility and healing massage techniques. We believe that continuous practice and education is the most crucial tool to stay raw and passionate about our job. We use a combination of modalities to rebuild your mind and body.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a sports massage with our professional massage therapists so that you can get back to playing your favourite sports again.

We also provide steam baths like Private Steam Infusion, Turkish Steam Bath, different types of Saunas like Sauna Suite, Traditional Finnish Dry Sauna, float therapy spa like Magnesium Float Bath etc. Call us to know in detail and let us give us the best advice.