Sensory Deprivation Chamber

A sensory deprivation chamber is used for regulated environmental stimulus therapy that benefits the users in several ways. It is not merely a dark, soundproof tank with some quantity of saline water. Research suggests floating in a sensory deprivation tank can be beneficial in many ways, including better sleep, muscle relaxation, pain relief, lower anxiety, and stress levels. 


We add Epsom salt to the water within the tank and warm it up to body temperature34-37deg. The Epsom salt gives it buoyancy like the Dead Sea and makes you float effortlessly. As you float weightlessly in the calm atmosphere, with no light or sound disturbing you, your brain is likely to enter into a deeply relaxed state. It is said to have numerous effects on your brain, such as dreams and enhanced creativity.

In this near zero-gravity setting, in darkness and total silence, your brain processes thoughts differently. This lightproof and soundproof environment gives you a feeling of sensory deprivation at home. Studies suggest that floatation therapy can help people in distress by boosting their creativity.

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Sensory Deprivation Chamber




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In the sensory deprivation chamber, you'll be free from all the disturbances & anxieties of the outside world. The peaceful setting and the beneficial formula of Epsom Salt strengthen the connection between your mind and body. It will reduce your stress level, improve your sleep quality, reduce your pain, boost your immunity, and enhance your blood circulation. We recommend opting for the sensory deprivation chamber before a massage session to enjoy the therapeutic float tank session at its full potential. It is perfect for meditation and those looking for a different experience to shake off their concerns and frustration.

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At Stay Elite, we hold each session in a private room that guarantees you complete privacy and total relaxation. Also, you don't need to bring a swimsuit. The room is carefully designed and furnished with the latest system to regulate the temperature of the water. We also have an integrated ventilation system, a distilled water system, bacteria-free settings, absolute silence (most of the time, please forgive our Neighbors), or soft music (as you prefer) to complement your session.


In addition, you can choose between subtle lighting and complete darkness, and we suggest total darkness to facilitate full and deep relaxation. Our session will last for almost an hour, but we would request you to allocate an additional half an hour of your time for the session. 

You will begin with a shower to remove body oil and protect the water buoyancy. A bit of soft music and light will inform you when the session is about to end. After the last shower rinses off all the saline water from your body, we'll serve you water or herbal tea.




The reduced sensory setting in the float tank shuts off parts of the brain responsible for generating stress and anxiety signals. It leaves you with a feeling of peace, serenity, and relief.



The weightlessness in the tank reduces anxiety and tensions on muscles and joints, reduces pain and helps with a wound or post-workout recovery. The magnesium in the Epsom salt will also enable muscles to function better while lowering blood pressure and controlling the stress hormones.



The intense meditative state can do wonders to your mind as the effects of anxiety, depression, and stress are significantly reduced. The right-side brain activity will be improved, boosting imagination and creativity.



The benefits of floating do not stop when you leave the tank, and it will leave you feeling calm for several days after completing your therapy. With reduced pain and stress, you will naturally get deeper sleep.


There are a few aspects to consider before attending the session to prevent consequences. They are:


  • Avoid shaving or waxing before a session. Otherwise, the salt in the water can irritate the skin. 

  • Try to eat something approximately 30 minutes before your session.  

  • Avoid caffeine drinks at least four hours beforehand. 

  • Women who are menstruating should avoid this therapy.

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