Features of our Sauna Suite


Our sauna fits up to 4 people making it an ideal place to socialise with your friends. Alternatively, use your session as a room to stretch, exercise yoga and chill out! The other features of our sauna suite are:



· Steam sauna

· Dry sauna

· Plush cotton towels

· Free high-speed wireless internet

· Bath amenities, including conditioning shampoo, body wash

· Hairdryer, straightener

· Air conditioning

· Ice bath

· Quality tea to compliment your tailored sessions

Sauna Suite Therapy at Stay Elite

1 hour


30 minutes


Full usage of the Sauna Suite, including the Finnish Dry Sauna, the Turkish Steam Bath and cold showers for hot/cold therapy.

To reserve your space in the Suite use the link below and reserve the sauna. For group or sporting teams please call for optimal appointment time. This ensures the sauna is available for your experience as space is limited. 

Step into our luxurious oasis to achieve an unprecedented level of wellbeing. At Stay Elite, we have high-end equipment and facilities to revitalise your body and soul. Enjoy the time you prefer without any worries in our first-class sauna suite. As our suite is isolated from the external hurry-burry, envelop yourself in our excellence and performance liturgies, sauna packages, professional massage with cold and hot showers, hammam and more. Our sauna suite delivers more than privacy and complete relaxation. We make sure to clean and sterilise every suite after each usage to ensure safety and comfort. 

We also offer private shower rooms if available in our private steam room if you would like an upgrade and an even more personable experience and change rooms prepared with towels and all other necessary items to dress up, redo your hair and keep going with the rest of your day. Many lounge chairs and comfortable seating are available in all rest and sleeping areas to relax between the Sauna, Float Therapy, Steam Room, Finnish Sauna or any massage-therapy/ spa packages. Wind down in the comforting environment and regale your body to a peaceful rest.

Steam room at Stay Elite, Bokarina

What makes our Sauna Suite magical?

Our saunas are designed for the most profound and detoxifying sweat through the use of Traditional Finnish Sauna and the Massive Turkish Steam Room, complimenting the room with Ice Baths coming soon. Our bodies absorb toxic chemicals by ingestion through our skin and the air we breathe in our daily lives. Even if you try to do all the right things, including regular exercise, organic diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, etc., keeping our bodies free from toxins is a struggle. 


On entering our Sauna Suite, you will enter a well-equipped area with a bench for seating. Our sauna suite uses traditional methods of heat, a more ancient method where right of passage has been used in the history of saunas, and the history of sweat tents and steam rooms with specific high temperatures slowly emit heat and are absorbed by the body. To supplement the physical recovery supported by our saunas, we recommend you complete a bit of mental healing during your session. For that reason, listen to soothing music throughout your session with guided meditations to avoid distractions from the outside world and meditate. We also are looking at a way to offer outdoor saunas for our customers. Stay Tuned.


As the sauna increases body temperature and heart rate, we recommend drinking enough water during your session, which helps your body control its temperature. If you start experiencing conk out during your session, step out of the sauna and let our staff know.

Sauna Suite therapy at Bokarina | Stay Elite, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast

Features of our Sauna Suite

Steam sauna
Dry sauna
Plush cotton towels
Free high-speed wireless internet
Bath amenities, including conditioning shampoo, body wash
Hairdryer, straightener
Air conditioning
Ice bath
Quality tea to complement your tailored sessions

Advantages of Using Our Sauna Suite

A sauna can help you stimulate your immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, enhance your skin, burn more calories, along with a host of other health benefits.

Are you still browsing for a 'sauna near me'? Stay Elite is located on the Sunshine Coast in Bokarina, Australia. If you are from Bokarina, then don't look further. We're ready to resolve any questions you may have, but if you want more precise guidance, then contact our consultation team at your convenience.


Improve Blood Flow


 When you get into the warm atmosphere of a sauna, your body tries to lose heat. Thus, it moves blood to the skin by opening up blood vessels in the hands and feet through vasodilation. This manner improves blood circulation and reduces swelling and inflammation caused by exercise, contributing to pain relief and faster recovery.


Reduce Muscle and Joint Stiffness 


Stretching in an infrared sauna can go a long way towards improving muscle and joint flexibility. It helps repair damaged or enlarged ligaments and tendons. This reduces the thickness of the synovial fluid, resulting in less friction, letting you move more freely.


Reduce Muscle Spasms and Pains


That heat can decrease the sensation of pain by acting directly on specific nerves. The combination of sauna with cold water treatment can have an analgesic effect by enhancing the secretion of endorphins.


Relax and Reduce Stress


High stress affects your ability to heal and your physical reactions to training and increases your chance of injury. Our sauna suit will help relax your muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and unwind. In addition, it enhances the mind and body.


Turkish Steam Bath

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Traditional Finnish

Private Steam Infusion 

Payne Relief Massage

Sauna & Steam Room