PAYNE Relief Massage 

Payne Relief Method™ “Pain Free At Last” . A structural realignment of tendons and ligaments with soft and deep tissue massage. Our Integrated Bodywork rapidly helps Athletes get back in the game faster and quicker with optimal recovery. Our methods have been tried and tested, over 70 years and deserving of 100's of 5-star reviews. 

From mums and dads and weekend warriors  to professional sports people this technique can help most injuries. Improve YOUR performance now.


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Express PAYNE Relief Method Specialised

Massage 20-30mins


PAYNE Relief Method Specialised Massage




Massage offers several health benefits, such as:


· Exceptional skin tone

· Relieving tired, tender muscles

· Lowering of anxiety and depression

· Removal of stress hormones

· Deep relaxation

· Improved sleep schedules

· Improved circulation


Turkish Steam Bath

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Traditional Finnish

Private Steam Infusion 

Payne Relief Massage

Sauna & Steam Room