Magnesium Float Bath

Floatation Therapy


Reward your body with a hard-earned Magnesium float bath. Whether it’s to relieve stress, ease migraines, detoxify, or simply relax, we’d be happy to accommodate your needs. Research also show that magnesium helps improve heart and circulatory health, assimilates calcium in the bones, and improves insulin sensitivity.


Customise your float with meditations and peaceful music or try without light and sound for a total deprivation experience. 


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1 Hour Float 


For partners or friends wishing to float at the same time please call to reserve. 


Please refer to our FAQ below for more info

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“The irony of sensory deprivation tanks is that in order to think outside the box, you must first go inside one.”

― Ryan Lilly


Magnesium float bath therapy helps to heal both the body and the mind. It lets you relax and insulate your sensations from external stimuli in a silent atmosphere with a neutral temperature, offering you a sense of lightness. This sensory isolation leads to better relaxation and boosts the health and wellbeing of your body and mind.

Research suggests that float therapy can be a good stress-buster, especially for those on the verge of burnout. It is also an excellent way to de-stress and fight depression. Float therapy is also beneficial for people with chronic-pain ailments such as arthritis. It is entirely safe and suitable for all, including pregnant women. A magnesium float bath is said to reduce the risk of premature birth. It is also beneficial in improving posture, as it helps to stretch the spine in the gentlest manner possible.

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How Does Our Floating Tub Work?

You will be placed in a completely relaxing environment during the float therapy, away from all external noises and distractions. We do ask to forgive our neighbours as they do like to drop their weights at F45 and O2 Performance Center. Our float pod shuts out all the lights, noises, and other distractions that constantly keep us disturbed and away from our inner selves. Also, thanks to the high content of magnesium sulphate, when you're inside the float tank, you'll start floating, enjoying the original over the pools at City Cave. If you have ever floated in the water, you will know that there is nothing more relaxing. As the body floats, the body experiences no pressure anywhere, which leads to pain relief.

Our egg-shaped central coast floats, with over 500,000 - 700,000kgs of Epsom salt, are primary sources of magnesium sulphate to help you relax and rejuvenate your body. The Epsom-infused saltwater also replenishes your body's raw supply of magnesium, thereby reducing the cortisol levels, which, in turn, reduces anxiety and stress. Salt also helps in maintaining healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Our float therapy spa can synchronise the two brain hemispheres to balance your body through muscular relaxation. It is a great way to experience the advantages of meditation and help you relax without worrying about anything. Magnesium float therapy also enables you to experience different levels of awareness that you are unlikely to experience during daily life. It's the closest thing you will get to floating in space.

The Advantages of Float Therapy

The main advantage of our magnesium float tank therapy is that it calms your nerves and reduces muscle tension. Epsom salt water solution helps you relax completely while floating. This floating is akin to experiencing zero gravity. Floating in a tank can also bring relief from migraines and result in stress relief and detoxification. Magnesium can help destroy free radicals and other harmful matters from the body and promote overall wellbeing and health. Boosting your immune system and along you to "FEEL GOOD NOW."


  • Regaining nerve and muscular balance

  • Detoxifying your body


  • Sleep regulation – an hour of floating is equivalent to three hours of deep sleep

  • Relieves pain and inflammation


  • Supports de-stressing

  • Boosts cardiac and respiratory functions


  • Relieves headache

  • Facilitate better control over your emotions and dependencies

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Hygiene is our top priority

Good hygiene is a way of life in Stay Elite. Therefore, we perform water treatment before each of the sessions. With the amount of salt in the pods, nothing would be able to live yet. We still treat to the optimal standards for this day and age. In addition to the efficient filtering system, we also use a shock solution that immediately releases a chemical element into the water to remove harmful bacteria. This strong dose removes all the bacteria within the float tank, thereby ensuring each user float in a healthy setting free of bacteria and other possible impurities. The UV light and Filter bags that get changed more than recommended bring that extra sanitising and clean water back in the tank, filtering 8 X between every float.

In addition to daily mystery inspections, each certified spa is regulated by strict quality standards, specified according to the industry's highest standards. Therefore, all Stay Elite staff adhere to a strict code of hygiene principles and deliver a range of care with valid and recognised skills.

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Information and Guidelines

● Do not eat a heavy meal or take diuretic beverages or stimulants like coffee before or during the therapy

 ● Arrive at least 15mins to half an hour before your appointment time to avoid feeling rushed and to prepare better and chill out in our lounge before and after your float with a warm cup of tea

 ● If you have cuts or wounds anywhere on your body, it is better to wait until you are completely healed before you opt for float therapy. Or use a Vaseline or a float balm to protect the wound.

 ● We suggest not to shave or epilate for at least 12 hours before your Floatation Bath session

 ● Stay Elite will provide everything you need during the treatment - from towels to revitalisers and earplugs

● Note that wearing a bathing suit is not compulsory in this therapy. The saline solution will still pervade it even if you wear one. Therefore, washing your hair will be essential, with or without.

 ● Make sure to lay face up when floating so your nose, eyes, and mouth will not directly connect with the salt solution.


 Why wait to get off the stress and pain? Call us today to book your float therapy. We will be happy to help you relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Talk to us to know the best massage therapy that best suits you. We have other therapies like Private Steam Infusion, Sauna Suite, Traditional Finnish Sauna, Turkish Steam Bath, Payne Relief Massage, Sports Massage etc.

It's like layers of an onion. When you first start doing the isolation tank, you can only get a couple of the layers of the onion in, a couple of skins loose. You can't go to the core. It's too hard. It's too large to completely let go who you are. But as you get better at it, and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience, you get better at actually letting go—really letting go, letting go from letting go, letting go from the feeling of letting go, letting go from THAT point. "Okay, I've let go now. No, you haven't let go more." And then you become "gone." You disappear, and while you're disappearing, this is what happens. You start thinking, "I can't believe I'm disappearing," and then you're back again. You got to start from square one.

You got to let go, and you got to let go, and you got to let go and get to the point where you literally completely relax, and your body, it gives you amazing energy. Your body, the tension release that you have in your body from a couple of hours in the tank, is incredible. You feel lighter. You feel like more oxygen is in your body. 


You feel more vibrant. And it's just because you have somehow or another, you know, calmed the tension. It's incredible, man.


The first 20 minutes or so, for me at least, it's like sort of a seminar on my life. It shows me all the different issues in my life that I don't like and that I need to fix, things that are bothering me, things about my own behaviour that could have been better, and things where I've disappointed myself. And then it'll show me some things where I am on the right track: this is good, continue here, continue doing this, continue thinking like this, continue exploring these ideas. But then, once it gets me done, it's like, let's clear out all this bull in your life, then let's think about the big picture. And then it goes from that to like the sort of relaxing position where my whole body is just settled into the experience. 


And then it's like, it's just pure thought. It's like the mind completely untethered from the body. And then I start contemplating everything. I start contemplating the universe, contemplating the role of human beings in each individual's actions, all accumulated together into one specific event. I start thinking all kinds of crazy, crazy stuff, but without the body in the way.

You know, even us having this cool conversation where—we're sitting here on a couch, we're looking at each other, we're looking at computers, and there are sounds and noises, and there is a lot of distractions. 


You know, just your body is a distraction. And you've got some crazy environment that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world, and it's fairly inexpensive to achieve. If the tank was something where it was a machine, and you would have to like strap yourself in, and it would take you through a course where you would learn how to get to the centre of consciousness where your body and your mind didn't exist, it would be like a ride in Disney Land and the line would be seven hours long. 


But because it's this weird sort of organic method of doing it, it seems strange, like you are going to get in this big coffin filled with water, and you close the lid.

And people start coming up with reasons why they don't want to do it. It's so important. Everybody should do the tank. You will learn more about yourself than any other way. And if you have an aversion to drugs—which totally makes sense if you think that drugs are dangerous, that you can get addicted to things, that's true, you can—if you don't trust yourself, if you don't like the idea, you can have very introspective psychedelic experiences naturally in the tank. Everybody should be doing it. It's an amazing way to think.

When I have a concept or something that I am working on, two things I will do. One, I'll sit down, I'll flush it out or write what I think about things just off the top of my head. And then, once I've done that, once I've really kind of explored, then I get in the tank and I rethink the whole thing. And then when I rethink the whole thing, sometimes in the tank I consider other places, or other points of view. I consider other ways of looking at it where I may not have been sensitive to another person's opinion coming from another position. And I look at the whole thing almost outside of myself.

There is so much thinking that goes on in that tank. 

There is so much evolution that goes on in there. It seems like it's almost impossible to do outside of it, because there's no distractions in there, nothing at all. It's just a thought. It's an amazing environment. It really should be taught in schools. All universities should have them. They should have them and they should make them available to all of their students. One of the greatest tools ever for exploring, thinking, exploring the way you think, and sort of making an audit of all your own personal thoughts and ideas—which ones you're hanging onto because of your ego, which ones you're hanging onto because they are beneficial to you, which ones you're hanging onto because you hate your dad and you know he put these in your head. And so they're stuck in there. And it's so fascinating, man, and so few people do it.


-Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan on Floating and his Experience


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