Pressure Point Massage

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring anything?

We provide everything you need to enjoy your float. Our float amenities have deluxe towels, shower gels, shampoo and conditioner, earplugs, as well as makeup remover and hair ties if required. You may wish to bring personal items such as makeup, hairbrush or contact lenses if applicable.

What is the proper attire to wear in the pod?

Float rooms are completely private. Therefore, we highly recommend that you wear nothing at all in the pod. This allows for a more free and comfortable experience, and you can get the most out of the benefits of the float. Swimwear or underwear may feel restrictive and uncomfortable during your session. The garments may also stretch and fade due to the high salt content within the pod. If, however, you feel more comfortable, then you are free to bring your own swimwear to use during your float.

Are there instances when I should avoid floating?

Stay Elite™ Float Pods are safe to use. However, there are some instances where we do not recommend its use. These instances are when: You are 15 years old or younger You have open wounds, skin ulcers, have recently shaved, have recent tattoos, or fresh piercings You suffer from contagious diseases You recently coloured your hair or spray-tanned your skin within a week prior to your float You are badly sunburnt You are in the first or third trimester of pregnancy Stay Elite™ recommends that you seek medical advice prior to floating if you’re suffering from: Contagious diseases Incontinence Epilepsy Kidney disease Diarrhea Extreme low blood pressure Serious heart conditions or wear a pacemaker Asthma Psychosis or severe panic attacks Severe skin conditions You have a sensitivity to bromine, chlorine, magnesium or sulphate Stay Elite™ reserves the right to prohibit the use of the float pods if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How often should I book a float?

There are no set limitations or directions on how often you need to float. Stay Elite™ encourages regular floating to maintain the benefits that you receive from these treatments. Now, more than ever, due to the health risks and stress from everything happening around us, floating can be really beneficial for your health and well-being. If you’re looking for long-term results, we recommend booking a session at least once a month. However, if your schedule allows it, we suggest booking more frequently. Perhaps floating a couple of times a week would give you great results that might surprise you.

What are the benefits of floating?

Proven benefits of floating include, but are not limited to: Pain relief especially for symptoms of migraine, arthritis, injury Promotes relaxation Overall increase in wellbeing Reduces stress and anxiety Sports and muscle recovery Reduces headaches and tension Increases circulation Calms your nervous system Allows for a deep meditative state Improves energy, memory and performance Balances hormones Normalises blood pressure Improves sleep conditions such as insomnia, nightmares and restlessness Benefits creativity and confidence

Is it safe to float while I’m pregnant?

Yes. Floating is a great way to relax and has many other benefits if you are pregnant. We do, however, highly recommend that you first speak to your doctor prior to booking a float, especially if you are in your first or third trimester, or if you have any concerns at all.

Can I float if I have my period?

Yes. It is perfectly ok to float during this time. Please practice the same procedures as if you were in a swimming pool or other similar activity such as wearing tampons or menstrual cups.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

You can certainly enjoy the benefits of floating even if you are claustrophobic. You are always in control of your float session and you may raise the lid of the pod at any time during your float. You can even float with the lid open if you wish, though it is recommended to always try to have it shut to receive the most benefits from your float. You also have the option of leaving the internal light on if you wish

Is it okay if I cannot swim?

Floating in our pods doesn’t require your ability to swim. You would find that floating would come naturally due to the highly concentrated water, which also contains magnesium salts.

Can more than one person use the same pod at the same time?

We do not allow more than one person in the same pod. This is to ensure hygiene as well as to maximise the benefits of your floating experience. We do have adjoining pods so that couples could still enjoy floating together.

What if I fall asleep in the pod?

A lot of people actually do fall asleep during their sessions. If you are still asleep at the conclusion of your float you will awaken to a soft voice prompting you at the end of your session. Give yourself a moment to wake up and get your bearings, then step out of the pod.